Delia is a Annie Award nominated Storyboard Artist. She's also worked as a 2d and 3d Animator, Animation Director, Designer, Development Artist and Screenwriter. 


Delia has an intimate understanding of gesture, caricature, comedy, acting, drama and appeal. This strong draftsmanship comes from a successful background in hand-drawn animation. Through a extensive and exciting career, Delia is highly proficient in formulating the key visual language, including composition, mood, tone, design, cinematography, and the worlds their characters inhabit.


She’s a creative, innovative professional with experience with many studios*. A natural team player, Delia is a super cute choice for any project as a expert visualist, dynamic storyteller, animator and concept artist. Oh and she's really fast...


Story artists are the first in the production process to formulate the key visual language, tone, narrative, design, cinematography, caricature, comedy, drama and the worlds their characters inhabit. The storyboards are the visual foundation blocks on which everything else is built.     


Great story artists take the Directors vision and bring to the table an enormous knowledge of film-craft and distill into drawings the story visually.        


Most of the coolest visuals you've ever seen exist because an story artist drew them onto a little rectangular box and the director said "Great! I love it!”



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